25 February – 26 March 2017

Solo exhibition by Agung Prabowo (ID)

Mizuma Gallery is pleased to announce Molasses, a solo exhibition of linocut prints on handmade paper by Agung Prabowo, intimately known as Agugn.

Since the beginning of his artistic practice, Agugn has been inspired by the many great things around him, the experiences that he went through, and the recollections of his childhood memories. Living in a village as a child, Agugn was surrounded by nature. His father’s hobby was farming, and one of the plants he cultivated was sugarcane. Chewing on a stalk of sugarcane was part of a family activity. However, Agugn only had his first taste of molasses last year, when he was ill and suffered a high fever for 24 days. As little was known on his condition, Agugn tried various medications that were prescribed to him, including blackstrap molasses. Not only was he inspired by its taste and usefulness, he was also intrigued by the relationship between his childhood memory of sugarcane and his circumstances at that time.

As a by-product from the crystallization process of refining sugarcane, molasses is used in everyday life and is claimed to be a good substitute to sugar crystals especially for diabetics, although excessive dosages can become equally as harmful. The concept of molasses in Agugn’s work represents both the sweet and dark side of his life as a human being. The human race has come to be the greatest living species on earth, possessing all the options and privileges of life. While we sit on top of this hierarchical system, we have the tendency to consider our thinking to be superior. This mindset is manifested in a kind of sweet indulgence that we humans become so lulled by, especially once we get a taste of it. Agugn believes that on the one hand, humans are expected to investigate all possibilities in order to achieve the best conclusion, while on the other hand, we are far from perfection and do not possess the knowledge to everything. The awareness of this contradictions triggered Agugn to pay closer attention to the relationships between the random activities and thoughts in his daily life.

About the Artist

Agung “Agugn” Prabowo (b. 1985, Indonesia), graduated from The Faculty of Fine Arts and Design at The Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), where he majored in Printmaking and has since built an extensive body of work in his discipline. Agugn has come to be widely known for his distinctive style of highly complex linocut works that transcends personal narratives. His works of expressive symbolism skilfully printed in contrasting colours has led him to first place at the 4th Indonesia Graphic Arts Triennale. Agugn lives and works in Bandung, Indonesia.

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