Artist Insight | It’s done‽

Exhibition view of 'It’s done‽' at Mizuma Gallery Singapore, 2020. Photography by Wong Jing Wei, courtesy of Mizuma Gallery.

“…and of course it’s about the relation that we have, that we carry mortality within us.”

Mella Jaarsma on her work Wearing the Horizontal


“the image of Jesus Christ and its various verifications had become an endless ongoing debate, leading him to no longer contesting the details of God’s appearance and embracing his religion in a more humane way.”

– Artati Sirman on Agan Harahap‘s work Happy Religion


“In the hands of a percussionist, any object can be used as a sound source when tapped on.”

Julian Abraham “Togar” on his work Drummer’s Gonna Drum #2


“…they remind us of time, the slow process of time, how things are changing, how things in nature are. It’s sort of like watching leaves grow, you don’t notice it if you, sometimes we don’t see it as clearly, we don’t notice it unless we watch it on the video screen, or you watch it intensively over time and you begin to see the leaves are getting bigger and new leaves coming out.”

Albert Yonathan Setyawan on his work Transitory Nature of Earthly Joy


“Did they rarely consider the position of female presence in the placement of spaces within the architectural concepts?”

Melati Suryodarmo on her work ATARAXIA

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