Prime Meridian | Mizuma Gallery x Vinyl on Vinyl


Prime Meridian

1 March – 17 April 2018
2241 Pasillo 18, La Fuerza Compound 1,
Chino Roces Ave, Makati, Philippines

Presenting works by Amano Yoshitaka (JP), Agung Prabowo (ID), Eguchi Ayane (JP), and Agan Harahap (ID) alongside other artists.

Serving as a starting point on both sides of where you are, as a pivot to where you want to be, a meridian marker distinguishes the flow of influence and inspiration from all possible directions to allow the development of daring new cultures. The meridian measures a length of desire to be crossed, thus establishing prime points of interest in the process, presenting exciting mixtures and fresh discoveries.

Prime Meridian delineates key practices that will determine the next ground of expression, the product of community and exchange. This exhibit presents a variety of cutting edge contemporary art from both hemispheres that will foster a unique artistic dialogue and a progressive direction in the future.

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