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16 April – 22 May 2016

Exhibition by Aditya Novali (ID), Albert Yonathan Setyawan (ID), Arin Dwihartanto Sunaryo (ID), Dita Gambiro (ID), Maharani Mancanagara (ID), Syaiful A. Garibaldi (ID), Ken + Julia Yonetani (JP), Miyanaga Aiko (JP), and Luke Heng (SG).

In art, medium refers to a substance that an artist uses to create his or her artworks. Some artists are focused in using one particular medium, while others are literate in the technical matrices of more than one medium.

Art has been long classified into disciplines before the early twentieth century. Most likely, an artist would have been fluent with the deployment of one medium and literate in its technical matrices. It is getting very interesting yet challenging that artists nowadays are facing an infinite variety of mediums, without any boundary of having to choose one. Today, not only the artists, but anyone who is engaged in any creative activity, is permitted and even required to shift between different areas of expertise. Hence, it is necessary to have a sense of awareness and dexterity. Such artists even seek to elevate the process of creating art and move beyond the notion that art should only be valued as an aesthetically pleasing product. The challenge is in figuring out awareness of their needs in a particular medium which will construct their works. After some time, they will seek to develop and to elevate their works, whether using the same medium they are familiar with, or a different one. But, does medium create a symbiotic relationship in which the medium influences how the message is perceived?

CONSTITUENT CONCRETENESS tries to explore each artist’s awareness of the significance of the medium that they chose and surely, their understanding of it.

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