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5 March – 3 April 2016

Exhibition by Albert Yonathan Setyawan, Agung Prabowo and Nurrachmat Widyasena

Mizuma Gallery is delighted to present MULTIPLE JUNCTURES, a group exhibition by Albert Yonathan Setyawan, Agung Prabowo and Nurrachmat Widyasena.

The artists, intimately called Albert, Agugn, and Ito, studied under the same roof of Fine Arts and Design Faculty at the Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB). Albert majored in Ceramics, while Agugn and Ito majored in Printmaking. These techniques continued to be their main explorations in their artistic practices. The three are invited to showcase their latest bodies of work in a format of a reunion.

Although Agugn and Ito are known for their printmaking works, both of them work with totally different ideas. Agugn’s practice is closely connected to the quality of his DIY craftmanship. The process of his work begins from producing his own handmade papers, translating his ideas onto lino boards, and conventionally printing the images into editions. As pionereed by Pablo Picasso in 1950’s, Agugn prefers linocut’s ability in achieving firm lines in his works to other methods of printmaking. Moving away from conventionality, Ito works in the applied techniques of printmaking, installation, and drawing. The editions of his works are no longer printed on papers – he uses aluminium instead, and his visuals are transferred to those aluminium boards by etching. On the other hand, repetitions form a pattern in Albert’s ceramic works. He mass produces his works by the hundreds. Following geometric formations imbued with ancient symbolic meanings, hundreds of ceramics are moulded manually and then arranged in patterned configurations.

The word ‘juncture‘ refers to a specific point of event or time. In this exhibition, the artists – each with his own ideas and practices – agreed on their juncture, that is multiplication. Numbers of print editions and ceramic casts play a particular role that is connected to the logics of their techniques and concepts.

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