How It Feels


12 November – 23 December 2016

Made Wianta, Pupuk Daru Purnomo,Faizal, Dipo Andy,Yoga Mahendra and R. Yuki Agriardi

Curated by Hermanto Soerjanto

We recognize things around us by their visual attributes that give us information of what they are, such as trees or city lights. The experience of seeing these unique visual characteristics not only triggers our logic to process their meanings in relation to our lives, but also at the same time evokes our feelings towards them. For instance, we can sense serenity when we see a lush garden or landscape, or we feel a certain kind of romance when we see city lights at night.

In this exhibition, we would like to invite the audience to forget about the intellectual narratives of the artworks, and instead to connect with the emotional responses of the participating artists. Presented in the form of abstract paintings, six Indonesian artists: Made Wianta, Pupuk Daru Purnomo, Faizal, Dipo Andy, Yoga Mahendra and R. Yuki Agriardi, attempt to extract feelings out of objects and images contained in our realities by stripping them of their visual attributes.

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