Mizuma Conversations | Iswanto Soerjanto

Mizuma Gallery presents Mizuma Conversations, a series of interviews with featured artists. Artist in feature here is Iswanto Soerjanto.

Born in 1967 in Jakarta, Indonesia, Iswanto Soerjanto graduated from the Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, California, USA, with a major in Illustration and Advertising Photography in 1988, and worked as an advertising photographer for many years before he decided to pursue his art practice. His interest in the history of photography and techniques lead him to experiment with the medium, stepping outside the traditional boundary of the modern digital camera.⁣

Catch our latest IGTV video to watch Iswanto Soerjanto speak about his Cyanotype and Chemigram works in his recent exhibition, “Painting with Light”, which ran from 22 Feb to 29 March 2020.



Cover Image:
Exhibition view of “Painting with Light”, a solo exhibition by Iswanto Soerjanto at Mizuma Gallery, Singapore, 2020. Image courtesy of the artist and Mizuma Gallery.

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